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Sailor Stars by Moonprincess829 Sailor Stars by Moonprincess829
This is Ashley/Sailor Minor Star/Princess Nebula/ Neo-Queen Nebula in her princess dress from the past and the little girl is her sister by the way not her daughter. Her little sisters present name is Kimmie and her past name was Princess Astra and still will be in the future because Ashley takes the throne. Kimmie's Sailor scout form is called Sailor Small Star and is 10 years younger than Ashley, and Ashley is like 15 turning 16 so that makes her sister 6 years old.

I kinda based her personality, her likes and dislikes on me and her lifestyle and wishes too on me :P

Ashley is the most powerful Sailor scout out of all of them. Even Sailor moon and Sailor Sun.

Name: Ashley Joyal

Nickname: Star

Gender: Female

Birthday: December 16th
youngest out of all the sailor scouts by youngest I mean Serena, Raye, Lita, Amy, Mina and Sakura (Sailor Sun) best friends with all of them too

Age: 15 turning 16

Birthstone: Turquoise

Hair: White

Eye: Blue

Height: 5’7 (a little bit shorter than Lita for she will always remain the tallest)

Sibling(s): Kimmie (Little sister, 6 years old)

Favourite colours: Blue, Pink, Purple and Yellow.

Skin Colour: Brown mixed with dark brown and light.

Blood type: AB

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Japanese Name: Aki Hoshi (Bright Star)

Name meaning: Aki means bright or sparkle. Hoshi means star. Put them together and it makes “Bright Star” or “Sparkle Star”

Background: Ashley was born in London Westminster and lived there till she was 6 years old, she then moved to Africa to see the rest of her family and she also moved to Canada and that’s where her little sister was born. Sakura was her best friend who moved away when they were kids and they finally met each other again when she moved to Canada. She also has a little bit of an accent. She is African. She moves to Japan and meets the other Sailor Scouts because her father wanted a change and also has his own companies in Japan and thought it would be easier to operate if they all moved to Japan.

Interests: She loves to hang out with her friends and watch TV. Also loves going on the computer, shopping and especially can’t live without texting or her cell phone. She is extremely emotional when it comes to watching sappy movies or reading sad books. She loves manga and anime. She absolutely loves her moms cooking and also love pizza especially pepperoni, she likes to pick the cheese off the pizza and eat it like that. Her friends think she is weird for that reason. She is childish and still love to watch kids shows. She loves Josh Halloway. She especially loves sweets like chocolate and cake. Loves watching Inuyasha, winx club, mew mew power and totally spies. She loves reading books like the twilight series and He’s with me and the movie Titanic.

Dislikes: Onion cause they stink and garlic. She has a fear of her family leaving or dying. She also hates when she can’t have something.

Bad things about her: She can get really angry and very jealous. But her jealousy is not as bad as Sakura’s.

Favourite subject: Science (because she loves learning about experiments and new things) She also loves learning about Astrology, Solar System and Mythological times.

Dream: To be a children’s doctor or an author.

About her: She is a shy and quiet girl and doesn’t talk at times but when she is around her friends she is a completely different person and talks and acts stupid. She is can be fun and do stupid funny things. She dislikes people who don’t talk and just stare while she is talking. She loves basketball, swimming, dancing and singing. She is very protective of her friends and family and can be impatient at times. She can get jealous easily. She is arrogant and mean at times, but that’s the way she is and can act like she’s better than people. Ashley can be outgoing at times and is smart and good at a lot of things, but when it comes to math…she is a failure. Music is a very important thing to her. She can get emotional when it comes to sappy movies like Titanic, she cries. She can easily start crying but doesn’t like showing her emotions around her friends. She then moved to Japan with her family and her friend Sakura's family thats where she joined the sailor scouts. She comes from a very rich Family and her family was rated #2 richest family in Starlight magazine (my fan fic story).

Sakura- Sailor Sun/ Princess Galaxia/ Neo Queen Galaxia queen of the sun.

Sadie- was the light of hope also known as sailor snow in my fan fic. (Princess Yukiko -means snow child)

Scout: Sailor Minor Star

Planet or Star: Star

Role: Princess Nebula (in the past), Neo-Queen Nebula II (future). She is supposed to take over the throne in the future and rule the Star Kingdom (close by the moon). Her planet and people watch over the Solar system and Sagittarius Alpha star and Sagittarius Zero star (where everything is born from). She also gets her power from Sagittarius Alpha Star and Sagittarius Zero star and they belong to her since she took over the throne. Her long line of her family members created Sagittarius Alpha Star and Sagittarius Zero Star.

Energy Colour: Yellow and Purple


Regular Sailor Scout: Minor Star Crystal Power!

Super Sailor Scout: Minor Star Galaxy Power Combine!

Eternal Sailor Scout: Minor Star Celestial Power!


Crusader Sailor Scout: STAR ECLIPSE POWER!

* Crusader mode is Minor Star’s ultimate form, like how Sailor Moon’s ultimate form is Sailor Cosmos. Her Crusader mode is known as Sailor Twilight *


Star Whip: A very powerful weapon she uses when she is a regular Sailor scout. (Regular Mode)

Regular Star Staff: She gets this staff after she finds out she is the Princess of the Stars. It magically appears when she is turned into a princess and uses it to destroy the evil. The amazing thing is that she can’t really activate it after that battle but she can make it transform into her “Star Arrow”. She can only use it to shield herself and the others and turn it into her star arrow; she can also use it as a weapon to fight. She calls for it by yelling “STAR STAFF!”. It then evolves in Heart Star Staff when the sailor scouts give her power and also turns her into Eternal Sailor Minor Star. The Star staff once belonged to Queen Nebula I who was also Sailor Star Gazer known by her best friends Queen Serenity I, Queen Galaxia I, Queen Jupiter, Queen Venus, Queen Mercury and Queen Mars. The staff belonged to the queen when she was also a sailor scout and a princess. She then passed it on to her daughter and also gave her little daughter Astra the “star bell”. (Super mode)

Star Arrow: This is a weapon she uses when she is in her super form. It can help someone who has turned evil or can destroy her enemy. (Super mode)

Heart Star Staff: This was once her regular star staff but evolved. When her memory was erased and was turned evil, her powers turned evil too she then became Sailor Death Star, but her staff didn’t turn evil and when the sailor scouts combined their powers to save her, she became Eternal Sailor Minor Star and her regular star staff turned into the legendary “Heart Star Staff”. This staff once belonged to her mother and was passed onto her. It can only be used by her and her alone. (Eternal mode)

Star Bell: The star bell belongs to Star’s little sister Astra who was reborn on earth as her little sister Kimmie. The bell was used to make people dizzy when she rang it. Kimmie is also a Sailor scout.

Ultimate Star Staff:

This is the staff she uses when she turns into her Ultimate form like Sailor moon. She is known as Sailor Twilight and is the protector of everything in the Solar system. This weapon can only be used by her and is extremely powerful. She yells out “ULTIMATE STAFF ECLIPSE” and the world shakes. This attack can destroy the whole planet if she isn’t careful and can destroy her if she is not careful. She also uses this in the future when she is queen. (Crusader Mode)

Golden Arrow:

The golden arrow is another very very powerful weapon. She throws her ultimate star staff up into the air and yells “GOLDEN ARROW” and the staff transforms into a golden arrow. The golden arrow is a weapon the future queen of the star uses (Ashley). No one can touch the golden arrow except for Ashley and can destroy you if you’re not careful. (Crusader Mode)

Star Key

The star key is a weapon that is not used to attack but used to transport from one place, dimension or world to another. Every Princess has one. Sailor Moon, Sailor Sun, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars also have one. They yell their planet and add “crystal Key” to the end and it can transport them and also turn them into their princess forms. The keys appear when everyone has gone through their Eternal Transformation and it can also turn them into their Sailor Princess forms they just yell “STAR CRYSTAL KEY PRINCESS SAILOR MINOR STAR TRANSFORM!”

Golden Star Orb

The golden star orb is an item she receives after she finds out she is a princess. It is to keep her connected with her future and her past. It shows her pictures of her mother, father and little sister in the past. It’s like a memory bank to check on how everyone’s doing. It also helps her keep connected with the other Sailor scouts/ princesses of their own planet. She can use it to call sailor moon, mercury, mars, Jupiter, sun and Venus. She can also use it to contact other Sailor scouts around the world. It is kind of like the thing Pegasus gave Rini so they can contact each other. The golden star orb is quite big and is very beautiful. Only she can activate it and her little sister Kimmie can also activate it since she is also a princess. Every Sailor princess gets one. The golden orb glows when there is either trouble or a message sent from the future. Ashley loves to use the golden orb to look at pictures of her past and her mother “Queen Nebula”. The golden star orb also talks and tells her about her past. When Ashley is home the orb and there is danger the orb tells her where the danger is and shows the place.


Star Whip Slash

Call’s for the star whip and holds hands out. Her star whip then appears in her hands. She then yells the attack, jumps and her whip extends, a purple energy light surrounds and destroys enemy. Very powerful attack. (Regular mode)

Star Gazer Blast

She holds her hands together above her head and yells the attack. A huge yellow light of energy grows in her hands and she throws it towards her opponent and it explodes. One of her most used attacks. (Regular Mode)

Star Light Kick

She jumps and kicks with her right leg and a yellow light surrounds her right leg as she kicks her enemy. Most used attack in super mode. (Super Mode)

Star Healing Heart

She calls for her Star Staff. Then tosses the staff into the air and it turns into her star arrow and it appears in front of her. She then pulls and yells the attack. A string of hearts and stars twirl around her and when she lets go it shoots out at the opponent. It can either destroy the enemy or heal them. (Super Mode) Very powerful.

-Star Heat Barrier

Star hold up her staff when calling this attack, then she hits the staff to the ground and a wall of light appears and surrounds her. It blocks her opponents from getting near her, also sends attack back. She can also hold up her hand and yell this attack out. She can either use her hand to summon this attack or her staff (She uses this attack through out; the attack gets stronger as she evolves)


She holds out both hands and calls this attack. This attack is so very unknown and no other sailor scout has ever had the power to do this apart from her mother (Queen Nebula). This attack is so very powerful. When an opponent tries to attack her she yells out the attack and can absorb it and send it back to them. When she yells this attack her eyes completely glow and turn yellow. If she’s not careful she can hurt everyone cause she sometimes has no control. She also can also get very weak from using this attack constantly; it drains her powers if she uses it too much.

*She also uses this attack through out, the attack just gets stronger as she evolves*

ex: If Jupiter were to attack her by yelling “JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION”, Ashley would then hold out both her hands in front of her and yell out the attack. Her eyes glow bright yellow and a small black hole appears in front of both her hands and absorbs the power her opponent sent towards her. She repeats what Jupiter said and the same attack Jupiter sent shoots out of the black hole that is close to her hands and goes towards Sailor Jupiter to attack her. She can also absorb the attack and choose not to send it back.

Star Healing Light

The one attack she can use even in her human form. She whispers the attack or doesn’t have to say the attack. She then puts her left hand on the hurt area and her left hand glows yellow and heals and also takes away the pain right away. She can also hold out her hand while saying the attack and a healing light shoots out to heal anyone.

**Uses this attack through out but just gets strong as she evolves**

Star Light Purification

Small balls of light and energy appear around Minor star as she calls out the attack and points her finger at opponent and the ball shoots towards them. Can hurt any opponent and can also heal anyone of any dark effect. Very powerful (Eternal Mode)

Minor Star Crusher Release

Holds up her heart Star staff and calls the attack, she then waves it around in the air and hits it to the ground. Her staff glows and the ground shakes as a huge energy of light comes up from the ground and aims at opponent. Very powerful (Eternal Mode)


Another deadly attack used. She holds out her hand while calling attack and a HUGE beam of purple and yellow light blasts out and can destroy ANYTHING! (Crusader mode)


The deadliest attack she could ever sum up. It is so powerful it can destroy the whole planet. Even the galaxy if she is not careful, it can also destroy her if she isn’t careful. She rarely uses it because of the consequences. The only time she uses this attack is when she thought her friends are dead and tries to destroy everything. (Crusader Mode)

Golden Arrow REBORN

This attack and is very powerful. She throws up her ultimate staff and yells “GOLDEN ARROW” her staff then transforms in the legendary powerful golden arrow and she yells “GOLDEN ARROW REBORN” and pulls the golden bow and lets it go and the arrow travels around the world at the speed of light letting everything be reborn again. VERY POWERFUL! (Crusader Mode)


She pulls the bow and lets the arrow go, a big ball of yellow and purple light appear around the arrow and goes directly towards opponent and pierces and goes right through them while destroying them. Can destroy a whole galaxy if not careful. Her eyes glow yellow while she’s calls it out. (Crusader)


She cups her hands and the key glows yellow and purple and floats into the air while she is still cupping her hands. It can transport her from one place, dimension or world to another. She uses this to transport to her home the Golden Star Kingdom because she felt home sick. It also turns you into your princess form. Every sailor scout has one since they are the princesses of their planet; even the prince’s have one like Darien, Josh and Tom have one except it turns them into their prince forms. They cannot lose it because if it falls in the wrong hands it will be dangerous. In my story these evil aliens have to gather the 14 keys of the solar system. The keys appear when they do something heroic.

Golden Star Crystal:

A powerful crystal much like Sailor moons. It is more powerful than Sailor moon’s and Sailor sun’s crystals.

Who She Is

Princess Nebula: This is her past self, like how Sailor Moon was Princess Serenity.

Neo-Queen Nebula II: Ashley’s future self, she will become the queen of the star kingdom and the protector of the solar system and Sagittarius Alpha Star and Sagittarius Zero Star.

Sailor Death Star: She is Ashley’s evil side, like how Rini turns into Small Lady. This is when she turns evil; she becomes Sailor death star and destroys everything in her path. She calls “Death earthquake strike” and destroys everything. She is also cured and turns into Eternal Sailor Minor Star.

Sailor Twilight: Is her ultimate form. Ashley died but Sailor Twilight then kept calling out to her saying “come to me”. Ashley then joined hands with her and she yelled out “STAR ECLIPSE POWER” and turned into her ultimate form.

Past Story:

Long ago back in the silver millennium there were seven inner sailor scouts who were also queen’s of their own planet. There were also four other queens too. They all got married and gave birth to their kids who would rule together. Queen Serenity I gave birth to Princess Serenity. Queen Galaxia I who was the queen of the sun gave birth to Princess Galaxia princess of the sun and she also gave birth to Prince Damian and Princess Sauna Sakura’s little siblings. Princess Galaxia and her sister and brother were also the kids of King Aminion. Queen Nebula I also known as Nova who was the queen of the stars gave birth to Princess Nebula and her little sister Princess Astra who were also the daughters of King Orion. The Queen of Jupiter Gave birth to Lita who was known as princess of Jupiter. Queen of Mercury gave birth to Amy princess of Mercury. Queen of Venus gave birth to Mina princess of Venus. Queen of Mar’s gave birth to Raye princess of Mars. Together they were the past “Sailor Moon, Sailor Star, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury”. The oldest daughters were to take over the kingdoms, as they grew older. As we all know princess Serenity fell in love with Prince Endymion, Princess Mercury fell in love with General Zoisite, Princess Jupiter fell in love with General Nephrite, Princess Venus fell in love with General Kunzite and Princess Mar’s fell in love with General Jadeite. Princess Galaxia fell for Prince Thomas of the Titan moon and Princess Nebula fell in love with Prince Joshua of the Ganymede moon.

The story begins…

A long time ago there was a past that was bright and full of life. There were also three main kingdoms. The sun kingdom, the moon kingdom and the star kingdom. When they combined their powers they were very powerful and unlike any other. In the star kingdom Queen Nebula I and King Orion had two daughters, Princess Nebula and her Little Sister Princess Astra. They were the best of friends and always did everything together. Nebula always longed for adventures she would secretly sneak out of the star palace and fly all the way to Ganymede the largest moon, even larger than the moon planet itself. She would sneak away to Ganymede and roll around in the king and queen’s flowerbed. Her friends had warned her not to do that for she will get caught but she of course never listened. She was already unhappy because she was arranged to marry the Prince of the Titan moon. One day she was caught by the Prince of Ganymede whose name was Joshua. She then suddenly fell in love with him. Eventually he fell for her and they would meet or he would come to her planet. The Star Kingdom and Ganymede never really did get along and Nebula’s father banned her relationship with him. They two kingdoms kept them from each other constantly. They arranged for the Prince Joshua to marry Princess Pluto who liked him a lot but he did not return her feelings. One day Joshua snuck onto the star kingdom to see her and told her to come and see her. The next day she went to see him and forgot she made a promise to be with her little sister Astra. Astra didn’t know this and followed her, on her way to Ganymede she was attacked by the evil darkness known as Queen Beryl. Nebula felt something was wrong and could hear her screaming sister; she flew as fast as she can while Joshua was following her. She then saved her sister but she was badly hurt and injured. Little Princess Astra then died, devastated that her little sister had died Princess Nebula went to face queen Beryl self. Queen Beryl was about to attack her and Princess Nebula’s mother Queen Nebula jumped in front of her and was badly hurt. Princess Nebula screamed “MOMMY!” and tried to attack queen beryl but queen beryl then killed her and Prince Joshua was devastated and committed suicide. Queen Beryl and the darkness then absorbed Princess Nebula, Princess Astra and Prince Joshua and took their powers. Queen Beryl then attacked Princess Galaxia of the sun and Prince Thomas of the titan moon and absorbed their bodies, she then moved onto the moon kingdom and then attacked them. Prince Endymion fought for the moon kingdom but ended up dying in the end. Princess Serenity seeing that her lover was dead committed suicide, the sailor scouts fought with their lives to protect the moon kingdom, the sun kingdom, the star kingdom and the rest of the other kingdoms but ended up dying in the end. The queen’s of each planet were truly sad that their children were trying to protect the planets and had died while doing so. The sad queens of each planet and moon’s then combined their powers using the Imperial silver crystal, the golden star crystal, the crimson sun crystal, the Jupiter thunder crystal, the mar’s fire crystal, the Venus love crystal, the mercury water crystal, the Pluto darkness crystal, the Saturn death crystal, the titan moon ice crystal, the earth green crystal, the Ganymede moon power crystal, the Uranus crystal and the Neptune crystal. They all sent their daughters, son’s and the general’s (Nephrite, Kunzite, Zoisite, Jadeite) to be reborn on earth and start a new era in the future. Not long after the queen and king’s children were sent to earth to be reborn, Queen Nebula felt weak because she was badly hurt. Wishing her two daughters were back in her arms she became very ill and fell unconscious, King Orion never left his loved ones side. After a while queen nebula died and her body was kept in a case made of the golden star crystal. It purified her body and didn’t let her age unlike the other people when queen beryl sucked their power and soul away. After a while every thing in the silver, golden and crimson millennium fell apart. Everything was destroyed so the queen’s and kings were all kept in a case made of the crystals from their own planets. They still remain till this day waiting to be freed and hoping to keep ruling each planet until their children were ready to take over the throne.


In the future she is supposed to take over the throne.

People (Family):

King Joshua: The prince’s future form. He also rules and watches over the Star Kingdom and Ganymede. Her future husband and loves her very much.

Princess Danica: Her name means “Morning Star”. She is also known as Nebula III, but is called Danica. Neo-Queen Nebula II and King Joshua’s older daughter. She has really really light blondish white hair and crystal blue eyes and also has tanned skin. She also has a twin brother. She is 5 years old.

Prince Sirius: His name mean’s “Brightest star seen from earth”. He is the younger twin of Danica. He is also 5 years old and is 16 seconds younger than Danica. He has dark dark blonde hair, green eyes and tanned skin.

Princess Maribel: Her name mean’s “Star of the sea, beautiful”. She is two years old. She is also known as “Tiny Maribel”. She has really really light orange hair and bright purple eyes. Her mother and father care about her and watch over her a lot. They probably love her the most (maybe it’s because she’s the youngest).

Prince Sterling: His name means “Little star” He is the last but one born. He is only a baby and in the story not born until later later on. He has a little sister and is older by her by 16 seconds. He looks just like his father did when he was a baby. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Princess Starr: Her name means “Star”. She is the youngest out of all the star kids. She is only a baby and is not in the story until later when Ashley meet’s her future kids. They tell her that their mother is pregnant. She also looks exactly like her mother, she has white hair and blue eyes except her skin is kind of tanned instead of brown like her mother. She is younger than Sterling by 16 seconds.

Queen Nebula I: Her mother and she loves her very much. They are very close and she will always protect her mother no matter what. She has dark violet eyes and white hair almost blonde and has brown skin.

King Orion: Her father and she also loves him very much and enjoys spending time with him. He has blue eyes and dark black bluish hair.

Princess Astra: Her little sister Kimmie’s actual self like how she is known as princess Nebula. She is also a Sailor scout and can sense things like Raye. Her weapon is the Star bell that can make people dizzy and makes it easier for the Sailor scouts to attack. She is known as Sailor small star and fights along side her sister. She is very very close with her sister they are like best friends and are very inseparable. She has light purple hair and violet bluish eyes.
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